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Welcome to Food Centricity®, a business accelerator focused on breaking market, business and financial barriers for early and growth stage food companies.

Food Centricity connects and streamlines all necessary resources to launch, groom and grow your food business in Southern California and beyond. 

Food Centricity enables and accelerates Food Makers' success.


Getting to market before running out of funds.

There are many stories behind food makers, all fueled with passion, purpose and in most cases, by limited financial resources, all of which must be used wisely in order to succeed. With good planning at this stage you can avoid running out of funds before reaching your market.

Traditionally companies take about 18 months to get a product to market, through our serviceswe think we can help get companies to market in about 4 months. 

Food Facility: How it affects Time to Market

Home kitchen

Cottage food operation

Shared food service kitchen

Multiple tenant facility

At LA Prep™ (LA), 4th Street Marketplace (Santa Ana) or other partner food production or contract manufacturing facilities, experienced Food Centricity® experts guide you to take your product to market. 


Food manufacturer    

Getting your formula ready for the market:

Getting your formula ready for the market should be one of your first priorities. Food Makers can be passionate about their products and that can sometimes lead to over engineering the recipe, without concerns of costs or other factors that may have an effect on your overall business.

Bringing a professional early on is a smart idea that can save you time and money so your product can be marketed sooner. 

Here is list of professional services we recommend that you get in contact with at this stage of development: Food scientist, Food safety & label compliance, Permits and certifications.