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Welcome to Food Centricity®, a business accelerator focused on breaking market, business and financial barriers for early and growth stage food companies.

Food Centricity connects and streamlines all necessary resources to launch, groom and grow your food business in Southern California and beyond. 

Food Centricity enables and accelerates Food Makers' success.


Buying right providing healthy margins for growth and profitability

Food Makers at this stage, must keep a close eye on costs in order to maintain the right margins to ensure a healthy bottom line. Did you know that there are pre-established ratios that must be kept, to allow for growth and overall financial success of your company?

Buying Group: Improving your bottom line

Small businesses are forced to market their products at higher prices, because their costs are higher than their larger competitors, who are compensated by wholesalers for buying at greater volumes. This puts small food businesses at a tremendous disadvantage and risk. 

If you are suffering from this challenge, Food Centricity is offers a buying group to help level the playing field, allowing you not only to compete with larger vendors, but by combining the purchasing power of the group, it offers you an opportunity to negotiate better prices and terms that will have an immediate and positive impact in your margins.

Healthy margins: The difference between surviving and thriving

If you haven't done so already, this is a great time to find out where you stand with this important indicator. Maintaining healthy gross profit margins is crucial to the success of your company. Food Makers are so busy tending to the many pressing day-to-day aspects of their business, that they often neglect to keep tabs on metrics and ratios.

If this sounds familiar, we have the perfect tool for you, Food Centricity's Margin Calculator. This tool was designed with you in mind, it's easy to use so you can play with different scenarios until you match the margins necessary to thrive.