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Welcome to Food Centricity®, a business accelerator focused on breaking market, business and financial barriers for early and growth stage food companies.

Food Centricity connects and streamlines all necessary resources to launch, groom and grow your food business in Southern California and beyond. 

Food Centricity enables and accelerates Food Makers' success.


Getting your product or business ready to market...It takes a village.

From ideation, to market research, to branding, to product development and formulation, to product testing, to small-to-medium-batch food processing, to packaging, to launch and beyond, Food Centricity™  helps you make your food product idea a reality.

From financial and operations planning, to marketing, to sales and distribution strategies, to funding for growth, or to plan your exit, Food Centricity™  brings the expertise and the network to take you to profitable growth and beyond.


Food Centricity's™ Food Maker Services

Food Centricity's™ Food Maker Services is our way to help you get all your ducks in a row. When you reach out to us, we’ll introduce you to our network of Preferred Providers, who are all professionals in their fields and who have expertise in the food industry; they will become a part of your team and will take care of your needs in a professional manner at affordable prices. 

Food Centricity's™ Food Maker Academy

Welcome to the Food Maker Academy powered by Food Centricity™.

The Food Maker Academy is an e-learning platform, designed especially for early stage food companies. Through a combination of blogs, forums, courses and webinars the Food Maker Academy will provide your company with access to knowledge covering all aspects of becoming a successful company, provided by industry experts, all on one website.