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Welcome to Food Centricity®, a business accelerator focused on breaking market, business and financial barriers for early and growth stage food companies.

Food Centricity connects and streamlines all necessary resources to launch, groom and grow your food business in Southern California and beyond. 

Food Centricity enables and accelerates Food Makers' success.


Getting ready to attract investors and getting in front of them.

Finding investors, whether they're private or institutional and getting them to put their money and faith in your business can be challenging if you're not prepared.

Are you ready to attract investors?

We believe that by helping companies get through the first three pain points (Time to market, Cost of goods and Access to market), what we’re doing is de-risking the investment process so we can connect companies to potential investors. 

Have you identified how much capital you need in order to grow your company or even to reach break-even point? A good business plan and solid financial projections can result in a compelling investor deck which is essential to attract investors.

Food Centricity offers advisory and coaching services to help through this important step of your journey.

Food Centricity's Pitch Day

The Pitch Day's aim if to introduce a select group of about a dozen early-stage food innovators to a small group of qualified angel and small institutional investors, who have been vetted as qualified investors and have expressed a strong interest in potentially investing in early-stage food companies.

When you think you are ready and are seriously interested in being part of this select group, book an advisory session so we can get a sense of where you are, evaluate your company and talk about next steps.